ZEPHIR's main package accounting fully complies with the latest financial standards. It combines all the standard features of current accounting systems with newly developed add-on features that can help you make your process flows even more efficient. Years of experience in the programming and use of system solutions in accounting as well as extensive requirements studies have allowed us to program the software even more user-oriented. ZEPHIR Financial Accounting supports you in all areas of double entry accounting. Include postings also taking account of self-defined posting types and create any number of periods per year for the company bookkeeping.
Our financial accounting provides you with extensive journal functions, which go far beyond normal evaluations such as business administration, balance sheet or profit and loss statement (P & L). Further additional packages or modules supplement your accounting system with Asset Accounting, Withholding Taxes and Electronic Invoicing.

As a powerful area of the integrated business software, the main accounting package creates comprehensive advantages for your company. You can permanently monitor turnover, costs, contribution margins, budgets, liquidity, outstanding debts, payment obligations or the ROI and call up important evaluations at any time.


The main accounting package enables:

  • intuitive work through ergonomic design
  • complete keyboard control
  • Productivity through the always up-to-date output of important company key figures
  • Individuality through the possibility of customising documents and interfaces


  • All bookings are quickly and easily recorded and processed in tabular form
  • The integrated dunning system ensures that money is received quickly
  • Extensive evaluation options provide you with the key figures to control your company at any time
  • Quickly create the monthly and annual advance VAT return
  • Standard postings, document posting, batch posting
  • ledgerless accounting
  • Cash-journal
  • Payment services (domestic and foreign)
  • Cost centers / cost analysis
  • Key figure evaluation with graphical representation
  • Balance sheets
  • Dunning
  • Extensive export functions (XML, DATEV, GoBD)