In production, both employees and third-party personnel can be employed and their labor costs can be managed. The definition of alternative wage rates for e.g.  special work is possible. Get an overview of the workload of your employees, or view all jobs where a particular worker is or has been used.

Individual workers can be organized into workers pools or work force groups. When a group is assigned to a production order, all group members are required for production. If, on the other hand, a workforce pool is used, the task can be carried out by any employee in the pool. Determine which strategies are to be calculated (cost-effective, cost-intensive, average) or planned (as soon as possible, cost-effectively).

Likewise, machines can be grouped into pools. For the calculation of the costs you have a powerful machine cost calculator available. In addition, information on test runs, maintenance or inspections can be stored. The status of the machine is controlled via corresponding messages. Of course, the utilization as well as the assigned orders as well as time reports can also be viewed here.

Natürlich müssen auch die während der Produktion verwendeten Materialien berücksichtigt werden. Dies können Stammartikel, Stücklisten oder Baugruppen sein, denen Informationen zu den benötigten Mengen hinterlegt sind.  Außerdem kann festgelegt werden, ob das Material optional ist oder vom Kunden beigestellt wird.