Industry solutions

Globalization has a huge impact, especially for medium-sized production companies. This is not just a question of relocating orders abroad, but the procurement routes in purchasing become international. Falling margins, rising customer requirements, demands for ever shorter delivery times are only a few points that play a role in the new world of production.

Many medium-sized production companies are aware that sustainable competitiveness can only be achieved through continuous process optimization. The focus here is not only on the internal interplay of planning, production or material procurement, but also on the efficiency of entire supply chain devices. This makes the introduction of an efficient ERP software with mature production control necessary.

For many production companies, there is a constant change in the basic conditions within the value added chain. All resources, such as machines and employees as well as the processes, have to be adapted to the specific characteristics of individual production orders. This is exactly what the company expects from its ERP software.

Modern ERP software must be flexible and adaptable to meet the dynamic demands of production. It must not only be able to control the entire production, but also enable transparent and efficient communication within the supply chain. Only in this way can SMEs operate successfully in the globalised market and remain competitive in the long term.

Overall, powerful ERP software has become indispensable for medium-sized manufacturing companies to meet the demands of the globalised and digitalised world. Only in this way can companies increase their efficiency, reduce costs and maintain their competitiveness.