Additional package Logistics

The scope of functions of the ZEPHIR additional package logistics extends from the creation of packaging plans via the shipping paper printing and the integration of transport services and delivery conditions to the presentation of the entire loading structure of your delivery. Delivery to and from consignment warehouses is also possible. With the add-on module VDA, these processes can be mapped and transmitted in compliance with VDA. The close integration of the entire system enables a constant exchange of information between all divisions:

Flexible - Fast - Reliable

Pack plans

You can use pack plans to manage complex packaging structures. These structures take into account packaging items such as pallets, lattice boxes, crates, etc. with corresponding tags and packaging aids. The pack plans are assigned to articles and automatically used to create the loading structure.

Consignments and loadings

If a truck that is not fully loaded goes on a trip, the unused storage space costs money. The loading structure gives you an overview of the items to be delivered and thus supports an optimal allocation of the packaging. Delivery notes or only items from delivery notes can be included in a shipment. In this way, you can distribute a delivery note over several shipments. The handling of the loading structure is done simply by drag & drop. After checking the packaging material structure and printing the shipping documents, the shipment can be shipped. All packaging materials are automatically removed from the warehouse.


Packaging Inventory Management
VDA Export
Edit the Loading structure with Drag and drop
Impression of VDA compliant Shipping documents
Distribute a delivery note on several shipments
Changes to the packaging anytime possible
Unifying of identical articles


Via the VDA export, you create a shipping notification, which is sent to the goods recipient via EDI in accordance with the VDA 4913 standard. In this way, the arrival of the goods is announced and your customers can plan with the specified delivery dates.

Consignment stores

Consignment stores are not only widespread in the automotive supply industry. The goods remain the property of the supplier until the customer removes them from the warehouse. Only the removal from the consignment warehouse forms the basis for billing. With Zephir Avenue warehouse management, you can cover all functions relevant to the management of such warehouses. With the help of the consignment information you get one
Overview of all transactions to or from consignment stores.

Customer Consignment

In this case, the delivery is not directly to the customer, but to an external warehouse from which the customer is then supplied. The messages, such as shipping notifications, are transmitted to VDA 4193 compliant to the external warehouse. ZEPHIR Avenue assists you with the delivery of these warehouses and monitors the stock levels, taking into account minimum stocks. Swaps are mapped using manual calls or automatic consignment messages.

Vendor Consignment

Similar to the customer consignment there is the supplier consignment. Here, goods are taken from external warehouses. Goods receipts of your suppliers are therefore in vendor consignment warehouse. Manual consignment consumption or automatic takes the goods from these warehouses. Take advantage of the fact that the goods are only calculated after consumption by your supplier.

Barcode management

With this module as part of the logistics, you manage your own and third-party barcodes. Barcodes can be assigned to articles, customers and also to manufacturers or owners. The following formats are available: Codebar, Code-39, Code-128, GTIN-8 (EAN-8), GTIN-12 (UPC-A) and GTIN-13 (EAN-13). There is also a function for generating the barcode image.