Human Resources

Employees, External Personnel, Applicants, Work Centers, Time Management, Shift Planning (Operating Calendar, Shift Models, Overview), Equipment and Reports. With the additional package Human Resources, you have the functionality beyond the basic functions of the ERP system. These include amongst other things private data, training results, document management, contact management, planning data and payroll data. In addition, you can manage external personnel and include them in your planning. The Applicant module manages your future employees and effectively controls the application and selection process.

Completely integrated into the software architecture, the Module Staff can save you unnecessary administrative effort and can be transferred to the business processes of any company through various customization options.

"Clarity is the beginning of success"
The flexible shift and resource planning enables the mapping of time sequences in human resources and guarantees an ideal resource management, not least because of its clarity.

"The company should grow and not the administration!"
Shift scheduling is supported by time management, which keeps employee presence up to date through manual entry or time recording devices. On this basis, lost time and overtime can be managed with no effect on expenses.