Additional module VDA

Adapted to the organizational needs of the supply industry, the VDA add-on module offers numerous functions. In the business relationships between car manufacturers and suppliers, the electronic data exchange according to the standards of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is standard. Here, the VDA module ensures that automotive suppliers can conveniently read and process the data from delivery schedules via dial-up in ZEPHIR Avenue. Finally, it is possible to create shipments with VDA-compliant delivery notes, goods trailers and accompanying certificates. The information on the upcoming deliveries will be transmitted to the customer by dial-up.

Delivery schedules - packing plans - consignments and shipments

They meet the high demands of automotive manufacturers on readiness for delivery, reliability, quality and flexibility, while retaining control over the entire flow of goods and data. The picking list, packing plans and loading structures allow you to process orders quickly and reliably to ship.

Delivery schedules

In Zephir Avenue, customer call-offs can be read in accordance with the VDA 4905 standard. From this data, new jobs are automatically created or existing ones are updated. So you keep your order data always up to date and plan immediately with the latest quantities without having to make manual changes.

The program takes over the assignment of articles, customer data and delivery addresses and checks their correctness. With the help of appropriate messages, unknowns can be directly assigned or recreated. After completion of the import, the history is called up in which all steps for checking are listed. The administration of plants and unloading points takes place in the customer base via the assignment of alphanumeric codes. These are integrated into the processing of delivery schedules, the dispatch of delivery notes and the creation of goods tags.

The modern way of customer order management according to the VDA standard enables a considerable time saving in the processing of transactions and at the same time optimizes the presentation and calculation of production deadlines for the automotive industry.

La forma moderna de gestión de pedidos de cliente según la norma VDA permite un ahorro de tiempo considerable durante el procesamiento de transacciones, al tiempo que optimiza la presentación y el cálculo de fechas de producción para la industria automotriz.

Picking lists

The picking list displays all items that are pending for deliveries on the basis of the orders and thus also the delivery scheduling data. Several deliveries to a customer or to an unloading point can be combined into a delivery note.

When entering the quantities to be delivered, a color identification is made, if the item is in the desired quantity in stock (green) or if too few parts are in stock (red). The Messages window also indicates the current stock level and the maximum delivery quantity. With just one click you create the desired delivery notes, whereby the program automatically creates several delivery notes, if different delivery addresses, plants or unloading points are defined are. When the delivery notes are created, the corresponding storage booking is also made.

The picking list can be filtered by customer, article and delivery date. In addition, the delivery progress can be viewed thanks to the list of the quantities already delivered in comparison to the total requirements of the order.

Picking list

Picking list